Winter is one of the most popular seasons among many people. Beauty and magnificent sights to behold are brought about by this phenomenon. Winter, on the other hand, is a terrible season for our stray feline friends, who must fight to survive it.

This is Padou, a stray cat who has been living on the streets of the neighborhood for years (of Montreal, Canada). Life had been difficult for the small fellow, who had to struggle to survive several severe winters. Unfortunately, he was seen wandering the streets by a large number of people, but no one helped him.

Luckily, a wonderful woman named Aya spotted the kitty and saved him. However, Padou was fearful of people and he didn’t let anyone touch him. When seeing the little poor kitten’s case, Aya decided to help him. She began feeding him every day to gain his trust.

In order to preserve Padou, Aya connected him with a local cat rescue organization, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, because his condition gradually deteriorated and he began having breathing difficulties. Aya couldn’t bear the thought of him enduring the harsh winter in Canada.

They set traps in Padou’s territory, but the scheme failed since Padou was well-versed on how to dodge traps and refused to fall victim to one of their devices. The rescuers provided him with food, and when he was eating, they hand-fed him to help the cat become more accustomed to being held. Once they got their hands on him, they knew it was time to take him to see a doctor.

Rescuers transported him to a foster home where he began his recovery path. The tabby cat adapts fast to his new environment and is eager to find a forever home. He aspires to find a loving home where he may have a happy life.

By Anna

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