After receiving a phone call about a mom dog and her puppies who were dying in a secluded area, the Dog Rescue Shelter of Mladenovac, Serbia, took action. When the employee came, he quickly understood that identifying the puppies would be tough due to the fact that the field was just too large. But then he came to an abandoned warehouse, and his senses compelled him to investigate more.

During his investigation, the guy came upon a diseased mother dog and her frail puppies in a corner of the warehouse, which was littered with waste sand and cement sacks. Clearly, the furry family had been abandoned and had been without food or drink for some days when they were discovered. Her limbs started to quiver as she saw the savior approach, and she was rescued by another dog. After doing all she could to keep her pups alive for more than a month, her health had deteriorated to the point that it was no longer feasible.

As a result of his investigation, he learned that the mother dog and her puppies were both suffering from serious diseases caused by demodectic mange. The rescuer transported them to a shelter where they received therapeutic baths to rid them of parasites before placing them in new homes. Once they have regained their health, they will be placed in a shelter for rehabilitation before being placed up for adoption. The dogs have all been adopted and placed in permanent homes as of this writing.

It’s heartbreaking to witness how this poor mom dog and her pups have been subjected to such suffering and injustice as a result of their callous owner. The dogs have all been adopted and placed in permanent homes as of this writing.

Watch the video below…

By Elen

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