When we think of dogs, we typically think of them as loving, charming pets that wag their tails when they see us and do a variety of other amusing things when they are around. Police canines, on the other hand, are specially trained to aid police officers and other law-enforcement professionals in the course of their duties.

The job they undertake is incredibly significant, and they are often regarded as real police officers by their human counterparts because of their professionalism. The vast majority of human officers build an extraordinarily intimate bond with the police canines with which they are partnered and see them as their righteous companions in crime.

If something unpleasant occurs to one of these fogs, it becomes a personal matter. Bruno, the dog shown in the cute video below, was wounded while doing his job duties. While on a mission with his companion, the seven-year-old canine was struck by a car and killed. Bruno had been gravely injured, yet he was able to pull off an incredible comeback.

After having emergency surgery, the dog was reunited with his fellow cop, who also happens to be his greatest buddy, after his recovery. The emotional reunion was captured on tape, and it is sure to bring tears to your eyes as you watch it.

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By Elen

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