It had been attempted to trap a dog that had been running around a gated enclave near the mountains by animal control officers. It was a marvel that she was still alive considering how skinny she was. Fortunately, Hope For Paws stepped in when Animal Control failed to do so.

It was possible to see her bones through her skin since the unfortunate pup had shed a great deal of fur. Seeing her in person was a painful experience. The dog was terrified of people, but she couldn’t resist the cheeseburgers that her rescuers generously provided for her to eat. The poor child was really in need of food.

As the rescuers continued to feed her, one crept behind her and set up the trap in preparation. They knew it would be a terrifying few seconds, but they had no choice but to catch this miserable youngster.

She required medical treatment as well as a permanent residence. Dogs should not be allowed on the streets or in the mountains! She deserves to be in a proper home!

At long last, the thin dog was softly grabbed and carefully loaded into the vehicle. She was terrified, but she performed well given the circumstances. Edna was the name given to her by her rescuers.

When they returned to the medical institution, they tested her for the presence of a microchip… and she did indeed have one! It turned out that her previous owner had moved her into a new house some years before. Those property owners informed her that Edna had passed away! What a nightmare!

However, despite the happy news of Edna’s survival, her original owner was not interested in returning her to her home with him. Perhaps this was a gift in disguise since… drum roll please…

Edna was put in a lovely foster home, and it was through this house that she was able to find her permanent family! A loving mother and human sister who loves her to the moon and back!

Edna will never have to endure another day of hunger or loneliness again! YAY!

By Elen

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