It was raining and dismal when Mayane Rodrigues looked out her window in Brazil last week and saw something beautiful. This young girl was walking home from school when Rodrigues observed her stopping on the damp sidewalk. She’d placed her umbrella down, removed her backpack, and finally, removed her jacket to get ready for the meeting.
Next, he saw the pup, who was completely submerged in water, and understood it was all for her.

While he stood there, Rodrigues saw the young lady as she walked away with the puppy. In her eyes, she was a divine being. “It all occurred so fast.” He told The Dodo that the experience had been “very emotional.”

In the end, I found out who the angel was because I passed the video forward to a buddy, who then passed it along to a neighborhood organization.

After the downpour, “I was astonished when she arrived with the dog since she was so sweaty and wet,” says Cibely’s mother, Rejane Stiegelmair of The Dodo. “The blood had seeped through her garments.” After hearing her tell me that the puppy had been harmed, I believed she had been harmed as well.

In the end, the puppy suffered just minor injuries. Love and care were all that was needed to make it better.

Cibley realized she had to give the puppy what he needed after seeing him there by himself.

A “beautiful heart,” says Rejane of Cibely. “She has a soft place for stray pets.” In other words, “she’d take them all home with her if given the chance.”

Pretinha was baptized by Cibely and welcomed into the family’s home with open arms.

Pretinha’s future has never looked better thanks to Cibely.

Cibely’s mother said, “As parents, we have always been proud of Cibely. “This has just increased our sense of urgency”.

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