Meet Bella, a shelter dog that has endured a difficult upbringing in the past. The sad canine spent the majority of her life in a cramped kennel at a Romanian animal shelter. As a result of being untreated, she had fleas and health problems with her spleen and liver. In addition, she was not permitted to go outside and mingle with other people. As a result, she had no concept of what it was like to be stroked or cuddled. In all likelihood, all she wants is for someone to adore her.

Thanks to the quick action of the rescue group Howl of A Dog, she was saved just in time. While they were on their way to the veterinarian, she rested her head on the lap of one of the rescuers and quickly passed out. She was terribly fatigued, but she appeared to be relieved that she was finally safe and in excellent hands. If it hadn’t been for the intervention of Howl of a Dog, Bella may have spent the rest of her life in a shelter.

“She was completely loyal and relieved to have been saved at long last. ‘She couldn’t have cared less about anything else; all she needed was to lie down in someone’s arms,’ her savior wrote. “She appeared to have grasped the fact that she was being rescued and that she was safe almost immediately.”

Her veterinary appointment went smoothly, and she received the assistance that she required, Her spleen and liver were supplemented by the veterinarian. A medicated bath was also provided for her, which assisted in the removal of fleas and the reduction of itching.

She has finally discovered a safe haven where she can unwind and be loved unconditionally. That Bella has found such an amazing set of individuals to assist her is a fantastic thing. Bella has been spared from a dreadful position and will be much happier as a result of the efforts of rescuers.

A later update from Howl Of A Dog stated that Bella had been adopted and that he was now enjoying a wonderful life.

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