With her fresh ultrasound and old photo, Shantel was astonished to see how much her unborn girl resembled her late father.
An ultrasound photo taken five months into a San Diego mother’s pregnancy was so exciting that she couldn’t wait to share it with the world. As soon as she did, she received a flood of responses from her fans.

Shantel Carillo, the soon-to-be mother, was told by many individuals who saw the ultrasound photo that an angel was kissing her baby. Those remarks compelled her to investigate the photograph even further.

What she saw in the ultrasound scan left Shantel speechless. Her fans spotted an angel in the shot that appeared to be her father.

While rapidly browsing through her father’s photo album, she came upon a photograph of her father staring down at the tiny daughter of her first kid, who was also a female. Her dad and her first daughter’s ultrasound photo looks so much like this one that it’s enough to give you goosebumps.

“All of the characteristics of my father can be seen in this doll: the nose, the cheeks with their extra weight, and the small double-chin. So close, it’s like his hat and lips are just resting on hers “According to Carrillo, Fox 5

When Shantel’s father died of a heart attack in 2016, you can see that his spirit lives on through the ultrasound. His daughter believes that he would be overjoyed to hear about her second pregnancy and that he has made an attempt to be there to share in this joyous occasion with her. She also believes he is protecting her and her pregnant kid, as she stated on Inside Edition.

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