On stage and in real life, Tina Turner and Ike Turner were a formidable team. Her first husband was “so different” and gave her the gift of life, but she didn’t experience marital pleasure until she met her second husband, who was “so different.”

“Queen of Rock and Roll” Tina Turner rose to stardom in the 1950s as a remarkable vocalist. After meeting Ike Turner at a Manhattan nightclub as a gorgeous young vocalist, she matched her energy with his.

Tina and Ike Turner became a force to be reckoned with in little time at all, singing and performing as a duo.

In addition to making music, the couple’s attraction to each other grew. Tina and Ike quickly got romantically linked, despite the five-year age difference. A man younger than her was never an issue for the optimistic powerhouse, who was enamored by her.

Later, she and Ike drove to Tijuana, Mexico, to say their vows to one another. The pair embarked on a new adventure as a result of this encounter.

The Queen of Rock and Roll had the worst moment of her life when she was paired with a man she thought was a match made in heaven. In the years following her divorce from Ike, Tina admitted that the couple’s relationship had been marred by verbal and physical abuse.

“My Love Story,” her memoir, recounts how abrasive her ex-husband was when it came to conflict. As a result, she was subjected to a beating anytime the two of them got into a fight or he felt offended.

A decade later, the same thing happened. Fortunately for Tina, she came to this realization in 1976 and decided to leave her terrible marriage. The couple divorced two years after their separation.

Tina was fortunate in that she was given another chance at finding and experiencing genuine love. A music executive named Erwin Bach has swaddled her in his arms for this time.

When she met Bach, she had no intention of getting into another relationship, but he hung around long enough for their love story to blossom.

Tina, 47, met the man she believed to be her prince charming in a story straight out of a romantic comedy. Her arrival at the airport had been arranged for by Bach.

When Tina first saw the 30-year-old EMI music executive, she was instantly smitten by his demeanor. The singer had only just begun to speak, but he already knew he was exceptional. In her own words,

“In terms of looks, he was the best. It was impossible to miss. My heart skipped a beat. A soul has met when this occurs. My hands began to shake. “Tina,” I yelled when Roger told me, “you ride with Erwin.””

Tina admitted that the setting wasn’t conducive to eliciting her feelings. If she wanted to, she could have focused on her next show in Germany and ignored her feelings for the music mogul, but she couldn’t.

She retorted, saying: “Though it was possible to ignore the nagging voices in my head that told me I didn’t look well, or should not be thinking about romance since it always ends in heartbreak, even then I might have done so. Instead, I followed my intuition. Instead of staying put, I made it a point to spend time with Erwin.”

Bach accepted her invitation to a future meeting in the United States once she was assured of her feelings for him. They quickly became a part of the fabric of the community. Tina reminisced on the moment, saying:

When we first met, “he was just so laid back, so comfortable, so unassuming, and that was the beginning of our relationship.”

Thank goodness Tina’s love has been returned to this day, even though Bach didn’t fall in love with her at first sight. However, Bach acknowledged that the cornerstone of their relationship is love for each other, and that this love is what makes their partnership work. To paraphrase what he said:

“It’s a matter of the heart. Both of us have feelings for the other. It’s an electrical charge to me. It’s still there. Even though I last saw her two hours ago, I still feel that way about her. It’s a part of me. I’m ecstatic about it.”

There are few celebrities who find love again, but the Queen of Rock and Roll was fortunate enough to meet her soulmate shortly after her stormy marriage ended.

Bach proposed to his girlfriend on her 50th birthday, three years after they initially met and began a passionate relationship.

Tina, on the other hand, did not respond in the manner he had anticipated. As a result of her past experiences with commitment, she delivered an unclear response. Then, recalling the proposal, she said:

“I was honest and stated, ‘I don’t have an answer.’ Neither “yes” nor “no” were the correct answers. Marriage denotes a person’s claim to the property. That’s anything wasn’t something I wanted any longer. That was enough for me.”

However, despite the ambiguity, Bach’s love for the legendary singer remained strong, and nearly three decades later, she finally said yes!

The wedding took place in 2013 at the couple’s lavishly decorated Swiss residence. Long-time partners and their families, including well-known figures like Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, wore all-white attire and smiled heartily during the ceremony.

Giorgio Amani’s gown adorned with Swarovski crystals was Tina’s outfit of choice for the occasion.

Tina was overjoyed by the event’s success, which she attributed to its timing. The singer, when asked about the event, said:

“I aspired to achieve my full potential. Because I cared so much about my guests and my garden, I worked hard to make them both perfect. And so it was.”

In addition, she praised her spouse for his self-confidence. He was described by the vocalist as an unstoppable force in his own right, who isn’t the least bit scared by any of my success, abilities, or notoriety.

They’ve lived in Tina’s wedding venue in Switzerland for many years. However, seven years later, the artist relocated to a new country after the proposition failed.

In the Zurich suburb of Kuesnacht, they have since loved their lakeside home. “Chateau Algonquin,” the singer’s home, has a “cartoon palace energy.”

Described in detail by the New York Times: “The home, which has a view of Lake Zurich and is encircled by ivy, has gardeners tending to the shrubs, a giant two-legged horse sculpture suspended from the ceiling, a frame depicting Turner as an Egyptian queen, and an entire room filled with gold-leafed Louis XIV style sofas.”

Tina, who announced her retirement from the stage in 2009, is ecstatic about her new life in the country. As far as she is concerned, she considers Switzerland to be her home. According to her, this is what happened:

“I love being here in Switzerland and am pleased to call it home. I can’t think of a greater place to call home than this.”

In an interview, she explained why she decided to move from New York City to Los Angeles. According to her, her music is more well-liked in Europe than it is in the United States thanks to the fact that her long-term partner now husband lived there. She mentioned this in an interview with Larry King:

“In Europe, I’m on par with Madonna’s fame. In certain places, I’m bigger than the Rolling Stones.”

The Grammy Award-winning singer signed the Immigration and Naturalization Act in 2013 to abandon her American citizenship following her residency in Switzerland.

Bach and Tina are a strong duo in the music industry. They have stayed supportive of one another throughout their courtship and marriage. A devoted husband who prioritizes the safety of his wife, the German has shown to be just that.

Tina’s health issues have not been a problem for Bach. While on dialysis, she had the option to have a kidney transplant if she was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. According to Tina’s autobiography:

“Only a successful transplant could restore my quality of life to something resembling normal. However, the odds of finding a kidney donor were slim.”

When Bach offered to give her one of his kidneys, he did something incredible. The performer of “Proud Mary” remembers the following:

“He declared he had no desire for another relationship or another existence. Then he said something that took me completely by surprise. He offered to donate a kidney to me.”

It turned out that the kidney transplant was a success, and she was grateful to her boyfriend for showing the world how sincere their love story was by giving her the “gift of life.”

Another feeling shared by Tina and the rest of the group was one of relief at having “come through this alive.” In spite of this, the Queen of Rock and Roll tragically lost her first child, Craig Turner.

Before meeting Ike, she had a son named Craig from a prior relationship. In the end, Ike took him in as his own. His death in 2018 came after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

As a result of her son’s death, the singer has referred to the episode as her “worst” experience. Bach once shared a photo of Tina being comforted by him as she wept over a loved one who had passed away.

The following was the caption: “The most heartbreaking experience I’ve ever had as a mother. On July 19, 2018, I gathered with family and friends to sprinkle the ashes of my son, Craig Raymond Turner, off the coast of California. At the time of his untimely death, he was fifty-nine years old, but he’ll always be my baby boy to me.”

Through it all, Bach has never wavered in his devotion to the singer, not even allowing her personal troubles or their shared fame to cloud his judgment.

Tina claimed in 2019 that her partner of many years continues to serenade her with the nicest phrases in his letters. She posted a picture of herself and Bach holding hands, captioned with the following words:

The couple has been together for nearly three decades, and Erwin still sends me beautiful letters.

Bach and Tina are living proof that true love can exist outside of romantic comedies. Despite their differences in race, age, and upbringing, they have remained together for the last decade.

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