After her tiny Pug-nosed Terrier, Zeus, went missing from his garden in Ocala, Florida, Debbie Petranck was understandably alarmed and concerned. She went on a walk around the area and paid a few unplanned visits to the city’s animal shelters, but her beloved puppy was no longer there. As a result of the misfortune, Zeus’s unfortunate owner began posting a weekly “lost dog” ad for him in the local newspaper.

A call from the Friends of the Dearborn Animal Shelter was received by Debbie roughly 24 months after Zeus went missing. The personnel at the shelter were in a hurry to find him. The news that her cherished small puppy had been found, and that it was approximately 1,000 miles away in Detroit, sent her into a state of shock. Debra hopped in her car and went all the way to the child welfare center to pick up her child!

The dog Zeus was claimed to have been living with a guy during this time period, who had saved Zeus from the streets of Florida when it was considered a “stray.” The owner eventually relocated with Zeus to Michigan, but the dog managed to get away from his new home and end up in Detroit!! His adoption by a nearby shelter eventually resulted in Debbie being identified through a microchip scan!

Despite the fact that Debbie was overjoyed to have found her long-lost child, Debbie was a nervous wreck by the time she arrived to the shelter. After such an extended length of time, she was seized with fear that Zeus might fail to recognize her. He sprang to his feet and raced to greet her as soon as he caught sight of his ardent mother.

It’s one of the most heartwarming sights we’ve seen in a long time as Zeus and Debbie reunite. Therefore, microchipping pets has been increasingly popular over the past few decades. It is because of this happy ending that many other pet owners who are still looking for their missing dogs can find comfort.

Watch the video below to see Zeus and Debbie’s happy reunion after two years:

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