The tragedy of the “Caged Kids,” which occurred in 2005, shook the whole country. Several of the 11 children adopted by Sharen and Michael Gravelle from Norfolk, Ohio were reportedly forced to sleep in cages, according to media reports. It was then revealed that the youngsters, who ranged in age from one to fourteen years, had also been beaten and subjected to a variety of torturous treatment, including having their heads flushed down a toilet.

This may have continued if it hadn’t been for the actions of one individual, who uncovered and reported the ill-treatment of the youngsters in question.

The couple was convicted of child endangerment and abuse a year later, and they were forced to lose custody of their children. Both were sentenced to two years in jail for their crimes. The children received a total of $3.2 million in compensation from the counties in which they had resided before being adopted by the wicked parents.

Abba and Simon, two of the children who were rescued ten years ago, were going to meet the person who was instrumental in their rescue.

In an appearance on Dr. Phil’s program, the two spoke up about their trauma and provided specifics of all they had to go through while under the care of the Gravelles.

“If he were here right now, I would happily give him the largest embrace I’ve ever given to anybody. Because who (knows) what they could’ve done to her,” Simon, who is 18 at the time, said of his brother. “He saved my life, he saved her life,” Simon said of his sister, Abba.

Doctor Phil responded by saying, “Well, he told us the same thing.” “He also said that if he ever had the opportunity to meet the two of you, he would give you both a great embrace.” So let us allow it to take place. “Carlyle, please come out!”

It was one of those reunions when everyone shed a few tears in unison. To the core, this is an emotional film.

A visit to the family’s house in 2003 for a job interview to assist in the care of the family’s 11 children with special needs was recounted by Carlyle Smith. This is when he saw the boys and girls were sleeping in cages, which he immediately condemned. Upon hearing that he had been hired, the pair advised him to exercise caution since they had managed to escape from their cages on a number of occasions. When one of the youngsters soiled themselves, they didn’t change him; instead, they punished him by shutting him in the house in front of Carlyle.

“It’s possible that one or both of these young individuals wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t done what you did. When you see these two young individuals today, how does it make you feel? Dr. Phil was the one who inquired.

ÔÇťAmazing. “It’s simply incredible,” Smith said. “I’m really proud of you both.”

Take a look at the heartwarming reunion in the video shown below. This one could make you want to reach for the Kleenex.

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