After being adopted by a family, Blue King (or Blue) the Pit Bull was happy.

He adored them and did everything he could to ensure that they were happy.┬áHe was “let go” when the family wanted to relocate to a brand-new home since they were in a hurry. They took him to a high-kill shelter and never came back to pick him up again.

Blue King (or Blue) the Pit Bull was overjoyed after being adopted by a family.

In fact, he adored them and went out of his way to make sure they were content.

Due to a pressing need for relocation, he was “fired” when the family decided to purchase a brand-new home. They dropped him off in a high-kill shelter and never returned to pick him up after that.

Even though Blue was apprehensive while in the sanctuary, he was confident that his family will come to pick him up. The unpleasant reality, however, caused him much distress when it became apparent to him. He went on to overthink the situation, convinced that his people had abandoned him because he wasn’t a “nice lad,” as they had described him. Working in the kennel, workers instantly discovered him bawling, tears streaming down his face.

With the help of his favorite meal, the shelter attempted to brighten Blue’s day. Unlike Blue, who didn’t even bother to look at the food. When the employees came close to him, he stopped wagging his tail and walked away from the group. On and off during the night, he prayed for his family to return. The sanctuary, upon becoming aware of his dire predicament, made his story widely known on social media and pleaded with the public to come to his assistance.

Jennifer McKay, a lady, has a thing for Blue! She took the initiative to adopt him and worked tirelessly to help him recover from the trauma of his abandonment. These days, Blue is a contented, comfortable puppy who no longer has to question the enduring nature of his mother’s affection! This lovely child will never have to weep for the rest of his life!

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