Two courageous boys in Coventry, Rhode Island, have been hailed as heroes after their fast thinking saved the lives of three dogs in the town. Animals stuck in a burning house needed aid, and the guys were at the right place at the right moment to get them out. The whole incident was captured on tape by the doorbell camera in the home!

Mario Comella, 13, and his 12-year-old friend, Anthony Lombardi, were riding their bikes around the neighborhood when they heard the sound of fire alarms coming from one of their friends’ homes. They immediately stopped riding their bikes. The dogs were barking wildly inside as they moved closer to investigate. As they got closer, they instantly observed smoke coming from beneath the front door and heard the dogs howling wildly.

Fortunately, when the two boys reached the front door, the doorbell camera activated itself, allowing them to contact with John Salisbury, the father of one of their friend’s friends. The two boys were determined to rescue the forlorn dogs, and they were successful. After the guy provided them with the entrance code, the lads were able to unlock the door and release Faith and Boo, two of the dogs who had been imprisoned. However, as seen by the video, one of the boys, Mario, enters the home and frees the third dog, Chase, a German Shepherd, who had been imprisoned in a box at the time of the incident.

It was during their breakfast at a local restaurant that the homeowners, John Salisbury and Athena DiBenedetto, were evacuated from their house and killed in the fire. They each congratulated the two lads on their bravery and selflessness.

“Despite the fact that there was a lot of smoke in the home, he didn’t even hesitate. “He came in and let the dog out,” Athena DiBenedetto said in an interview with 12News. “It was an extremely emotional experience.” Those are my children… Despite this, I can’t look at [the surveillance film] without feeling teary-eyed and wondering about what might have occurred if they had arrived five or ten minutes later.”

The youngsters, particularly Mario, who had his uncle’s dog killed in a similar scenario, stated they would surely do it again if the situation demanded it. In his words, “I was thinking, ‘This has happened to my uncle, so I’m not going to allow this happen to my buddy,'” the adolescent said in an interview with WPRI. In addition, Anthony stated: “We noticed the dogs, and they were scared and barking, and it was quite loud!”

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