There are millions of dogs in shelters all around the globe that are waiting for someone to come in and take them in. Every footstep causes their ears to prickle and their hearts to beat in the hope that this is the day they will be able to leave the refuge for good. Cassie, a nice young lady, waited patiently for 525 days for the right person to come along in her life.

Cassie had a few individuals interested in adopting her when she came to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton when she first arrived. “She has been adopted and returned a number of times, and with each return, we have learnt more about her and her personality,” the shelter said. Cassie was placed in a training program, which she eventually completed. The only thing the charming and caring young lady desired was a loving home of her own.

An advertisement for a car dealership in her hometown highlighted her cheerful visage. The business, Jeff Schmitt Auto Group, conducted a campaign in which they pledged to contribute $50 for every test drive they received in order to assist dogs like Cassie. It was there when her new mother first saw her. “Well, Cassie is the star of all of the television commercials for this campaign, and seeing her in the commercials helped Cassie’s new owner realize that Cassie was the right dog for her!” says the trainer.

A statement on Facebook by the shelter said that the announcement was “the best news of the day!!!” After 525 days in our care, Cassie was adopted into a permanent family today!! Her patience had paid off after 525 days of waiting for the right person to come through the door and choose her, and today was finally the day! Our staff may have shed a few tears as they said goodbye, and there may have been a few squeals of delight as they welcomed Cassie into her new home, but we are overjoyed for Cassie and her new family!”

Cassie and her new mother were both beaming in the photograph. Despite the fact that it takes a village, we couldn’t be more thrilled for this dynamic pair!” Thank you so much for saving her life. Keep in mind that you should adopt rather than shop!

Shelters and rescue organizations report that July is one of their busiest months of the year. As the stray population grows and more homeless dogs are taken in, these shelters are finding it more difficult to provide enough nutrition for the animals.

A single rescue pet will need an average of 100 meals while being held in a shelter while waiting to be adopted into their future home. It is the goal of National Feed A Rescue Pet Week to bring attention to the needs of animal shelters at this crucial time, as well as help from animal supporters all around the globe. With a goal of delivering 4 million meals for homeless dogs, GreaterGood is rising to the occasion. However, we can’t accomplish it without your support.

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