When a woman adopts a shelter kitten, she soon discovers that he is completely covered with hearts.

During Katie Duda’s mourning period after the death of her cat Lucky, she came across a picture of two kittens at Wrenn Rescues who were searching for a home. When Duda adopted River and his brother from their foster home, she could see there was something different about them.

According to Duda, when she picked them up from the foster home, she saw what she believed was a large heart on his breast, but she wasn’t sure it was there. The fact that I didn’t bother to look at them or play with them says a lot. “Wrenn Rescues is a firm in which I have faith.”

River was shy and wanted to remain at home, so Duda constructed a welcoming environment for him that included all the space he need. River’s coat started to develop more heart-shaped marks as he got more comfortable with his new family, and Duda began to notice them as well.

“I verified [one] on his chest, observed that his nose was more heart-shaped than other cats, then looked under his paws, under his chin, and other places,” Duda added. “I found [one] on his paws, under his chin, and other places.” “So far, we’ve discovered seven complete hearts, as well as two spots that seem to be heart-shaped at various periods.”

With addition to being covered in hearts, the cat is also overflowing with affection.

“River has an ancient spirit,” Duda said of the river. “He maintains his composure, is attentive, and is kind.” My children have been able to mourn and recuperate in a calm way because they have had River and Remi by their sides.”

“I had expected the kittens to bring us pleasure, but they have instead brought us peace,” she said. “The heart-covered River is mending the souls of the brokenhearted.”

The fact that River likes spending time with his human siblings does not exclude him from keeping an eye out for his kitty brother.

In Duda’s words, River is “almost twice the size of Remi and acts as his protector.” “The other day, Remi expressed an interest in sitting in a huge potted plant in our dining room. Remi was furious because I had placed aluminum foil in the pot to prevent the kittens from playing in the dirt, and she was upset about it. Remi was able to lay down in the dirt since River gently removed the foil for him.”

Despite the fact that River’s fur has always had hearts on it, Duda views the hearts as a sign that she made the right choice.

In Duda’s words, “my immediate thought was that River’s hearts were Lucky’s way of informing us of how much he cared for us.” It may not be a literal message, but the love River’s hearts send to my family is incredibly genuine. “The love River’s hearts send to my family may not be a literal message, but the love they provide is quite real.”

By Elen

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