Brandon Dahl is still learning how to communicate, but he has already shown himself to be a life-saving hero.

While the rest of his family was sleeping, he was the only one awakened by the raging fire that was swiftly engulfing their living room, which happened to be where the child was lying. He was staying there because he had been unwell, and his parents wanted him to be closer to their room so they could rest.

Although he was surrounded by intense flames, this courageous young child made his way to his parents’ room to inform them that something was wrong.

“He tapped me on the bottoms of my feet in bed while coughing and said, ‘Mama, it’s hot.'” “‘Mama, you’re hot,'” his mother, Kayla Dahl, said. “I walked around the corner. It was only when I glanced that I saw the flames at the doorway.”

Their fire alarm didn’t go off until it was too late, even though they had a fire detector that had just been installed a year before it. Aside from that, both of the toddler’s parents, Kayla and Nathan Dahl, were still suffering from loss of taste and smell as a result of their COVID-19 experience.

Kayla started to scream, “fire,” which roused Nathan from his sleep. In his capacity as a volunteer firefighter, he first anticipated being called upon to rescue both his family and their home. However, when he saw that the flames had already risen to 6 feet in height, his intentions were altered.

“I literally felt my heart drop,” he added. “I had a vision that this home will  destroy in my brain. “We had to get out of here.”

They were out of the house in less than a minute, making their way to their neighbor’s yard across the street, something they had rehearsed with their children several times before.

While they waited for firemen to arrive, Nathan shut off the gas to their home from the outside in order to reduce the likelihood of an explosion occurring inside the house. However, when the winds increased in strength, he became concerned that they were going to encounter a new difficulty.

“I literally went to Kayla, who is on the phone with 911, and I told them, ‘Look. We’re about to have more than one structure fire,’” he said.

Fortunately, nine different fire companies and an emergency medical services department were on the scene within minutes, preventing the fire from spreading to any further houses or businesses. Unfortunately, it was much too late to get it to the Dahl’s house in time.

They had utterly destroyed everything they possessed, with the exception of what they were wearing at the time. This included both of their automobiles.

“You hear folks say things like, ‘I lost everything,'” says the author. Kayla shared her thoughts. “Until something like that occurs to you, you don’t know how serious it is.”

As the Dahl family works to put their lives back together, they are thankful that they are not doing it on their own behalf. They have not only gotten widespread support from the community, but they have also received countless messages from complete strangers after sharing their experience online.

Their journey is far from over, but they’re taking things one day at a time right now. For the time being, they are renting a house, but they want to one day redevelop the site of their former home.

And as far as their physical goods are concerned, their buddy Chellsea Malson has taken good care of them. She set up a GoFundMe account for them, which has already collected more than $29K.

According to Kayla, “We didn’t anticipate even half of the kind of support that we’ve gotten.” “We’re absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude.”

When the Dahl family thinks back on that awful night, they still can’t believe that they wouldn’t have made it out alive if it hadn’t been for their 2-year-old son.

“I’m beyond grateful to God that we’re still alive,” Nathan expressed his gratitude. “He rescued our family from certain death. In my perspective, there isn’t a shred of doubt.”

“Brandon most certainly had a guardian angel assist him in getting out of that living room,” Kayla continued. It’s really nothing short of a miracle, to put it mildly. “It’s nothing short of a miracle.”

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