I had done virtually nothing with my life by the time I was thirteen years old.

Jack Rico, a 13-year-old Californian who recently graduated from Fullerton College with four associate’s degrees, is a contrast.

To be more specific, Jack graduated as the youngest Fullerton College graduate in the school’s history. Friends and family members threw him a special commencement ceremony to mark the occasion.

Achieving a quadruple degree at such a young age is not without its challenges. It is the result of his dedication and hard work that he has reached this level of accomplishment. The following is what Jack says:

It’s impossible to know everything all of the time. Studying should be done every day and at all hours of the day.”
Well-chosen expressions! And this is coming from a thirteen-year-old.

With his blue graduation cap and a yellow tassel, Jack posses for a photograph.

“Youngest Graduate Ever,” reads a placard behind him.

Greetings, members of the Class of 2020, your newest graduates!
What kind of Hawaiian lei does he have on him? I like the way the kid dresses. And a little bit of flair.

Those who care about him organize a special graduation ceremony for him that is held far away from his social circle. Others remain in their automobiles on the side of the road closest to the temporary starting point, while other onlookers wear masks.

Jack’s dad and grandparents were also in the audience. This is what is written on his Grammy’s doorway:

Jack, our grandson, has received a well-deserved award. You have made your Grammy and Papa very happy.”

To provide additional assurance, the presiding graduation official declares:

The admissions and records were reviewed, and everything was fine.” Before this, no one had ever attempted such a thing.”

He presents Jack with a certificate while wearing a red mask and dressing in a hooded gown.

Jack himself doesn’t appear to be in too bad of a condition.
A snapshot is taken of them as they continue to talk. Their attire appears to be extremely ornate….

The graduation, other than taking place during the worst epidemic in 100 years, was rather ordinary, with socially distant versions of all of the traditional ceremonies.

This includes the traditional ceremonial cap toss, which is a definite must-do event.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas will have him as an undergraduate student the following year when he is 14 years old. I’m curious how many degrees he’ll have under his belt by the time he hangs up his tassels for the last time?

A promising future is undoubtedly in store. Don’t stop doing such a good job, Jack! You can go anywhere you want to go.

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By Anna

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