Calls from an unknown number continued coming in for one man. He would hear a little girl’s voice on the other end of the line each time, leading him to believe that someone was playing pranks with him. But, because the calls would not stop, he decided to speak with the small girl and learn more about what was going on.

The child called him ‘daddy’ as he asked her why she kept calling him that. He was perplexed at first, but it didn’t take long for him to realize that the girl was conversing with her father, whom she hadn’t seen in weeks.

“Please come back soon, Daddy.” I’m going to miss you terribly!” she remarked, her voice faint and unsteady.

“Dad, I’m in a lot of pain!” My mother told me that you were too busy at work, and she looks after me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “She’s exhausted,” the young lady continued. “Can you kiss me if you can’t come?” she inquired.

The man made kissing noises since he didn’t know what else to do. “Thank you,” the girl murmured after hearing him. “Dad, I’m…so happy, I’m…so happy…”

At that point, a woman answered the phone. She was crying and apologised for causing the man any inconvenience. He wanted to discover more about the girl, despite the fact that he had no idea why they had phoned him in the first place. The woman then revealed herself to be the girl’s mother.

Her daughter had been diagnosed with bone cancer and was fighting for her life, but the prognosis was not promising. The girl’s father was the one who constantly remained by her side and encouraged her to be courageous, but he died in a vehicle accident shortly after the calls began.

His heart broke when he heard that story.

The dad called the number the next day to see how the daughter was doing, but he received the most heartbreaking news. Shortly after their chat, the little soul departed away.

He was thanked by the mother for sending those kisses, which were goodbye kisses and the last thing the girl heard before she passed away.

By Elen

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