People states that the story of how this brave little fighter, called Si Bao, became a stray with two lost rear legs will break your heart.

She had been someone’s pet, but when her owner decided to move, he did not include her in his plans. Instead, he left her on the side of the road.

Si Bao battled for his life in order to survive. She was living near a railway line in China at the time. As she struggled to stay warm and fed, a speeding train collided with her and lost her. That’s how she ended up losing her rear legs. Despite this, she persisted in her struggle. It’s incredible to believe that this dog was able to endure such a major and painful injury without receiving any medical attention.

It has to be her wonderful spirit, I’m sure.

What’s even more surprising is that Si Bao was the mother of a litter of pups, who she took exceptional care of and raised to maturity. Walking her dogs around the railway station while balancing on her forelegs is a challenge for her.

Being a stray in this environment might be quite dangerous. A large number of these dogs are captured and slaughtered for their flesh.

Being a stray in this environment might be quite dangerous. A large number of these dogs are caught and slaughtered for their flesh. They are also mistreated by residents who have nothing better to do with their time. It is believed that there are 130 million stray animals living on the streets of China. It’s a mind-boggling sum of money.

Si Bao’s story is unique, despite the fact that she is only one of countless strays in need of assistance. Her story went viral when images of her distress were published by the Mail Online website. So many people were moved by the story of the crippled mother dog– and numerous animal lovers from across the globe promised to assist the dog, as did rescue organisations in the surrounding region. There was a desire to track down Si Bao so that they could provide her and her pups with a secure place to reside as well as medical care.

When they were finally apprehended, rescuers took them to Datong Meilian Zhonghe Veterinary Hospital, where they were treated. Si Bao’s pups were in critical condition when they arrived, and two of them died as a result of distemper. Adopters have volunteered to take in the remaining pups as their everlasting homes.

As for Si Bao, she has found a new home with Jill Robinson, the Founder and CEO of Animals Asia, who has taken her in.

The remarkable mother didn’t allow her severe injuries or the difficulties of life on the streets prevent her from becoming a good mother in spite of her circumstances. Finding homes for all of the stray animals, particularly in Asia, is a difficult task that many people believe is unwinnable. However, this does not imply that you should give up. Isn’t it true that Si Bao didn’t give up?

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