Being the proud parent of a newborn infant is quite a spectacle, to say the least. The problem is that they are noisy, dirty, drowsy, and fragile, and you know who’s the responsibility it is to take care of all of those things? You! Despite all of the challenges that come with having a child, no parent in their right mind would ever look back and regret their decision.

A parent can’t help but fall in love with their children’s little bodies with all of their hearts!

Those newborns, on the other hand, will eventually grow up. It doesn’t happen quickly, but it occurs regardless of whether you want it to. However, there might be some enjoyment in the process of growing up, which is fortunate for us. Any parent understands how much fun it is to watch their child’s growth phases and keep track of how they are progressing!

It’s too bad your kid hasn’t started gurgling yet. “It was 2 months when I had mine.” While we may not be overjoyed when our infant reaches a new milestone, we can’t help but feel a twinge of excitement when he or she does! When you reach a milestone before everyone else, it’s typically a reason for celebration! Moreover, what a fun little parenting competition, don’t you think?

A four-week-old baby named Bentley had just woken up, and his parents decided they wanted some high-quality baby film of him to share with their friends. We can’t blame them since he’s very gorgeous! They were not expecting to be able to catch anything spectacular on film, though.

His mother begins to make baby sounds while they are filming him.

Making baby sounds and speaking in “baby talk” is an important component of the process, regardless of your age. Bentley’s mother begins to do just that, and the response from the infant is incredible!

Bear in mind that Bentley is just one month old!

Bentley mews as she is making sounds, and then he copies the same tone of her voice with his own voice!

It’s really lovely and deserves all of the attention it’s received as a result of its viral success. It now has over 1.5 million views on YouTube!

When should newborns begin to speak?

Is it possible that Bentley the infant was speaking? The odds are against him; nonetheless, it seems that he was well aware of his situation! According to WebMD, the following occurs at the earliest talking milestone, three months:

At three months of age, your baby is listening to your voice, watching your face as you speak, and turning toward other voices, noises, and music that may be heard in the house or on the radio. Many newborns prefer the sound of a woman’s voice to the sound of a man’s. Numerous others also love to hear voices and listen to music that they heard when still in the womb. When newborns are three months old, they begin “cooing,” which is a joyful, peaceful, repeated, sing-song vocalization that they make with their mouths open.

Bentley seemed to have been performing this “cooing” far earlier than he should have been. Perhaps he will go on to do something remarkable in his life!

The three-year milestone is the last level of conversation that WebMD has.

By the time your child reaches the age of three, his or her vocabulary has grown significantly, and “make-believe” play has aided in the comprehension of symbolic and abstract language such as “now,” emotions such as “sad,” and spatial notions such as “in.”

Bentley is already six years old, which is really incredible! In principle, it’s amusing to consider how quickly our children grow up, but BOY, do they grow up quickly.

Enjoy all the fabulous moments by watching the video below!

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