When a homeless pit bull was dragged off the street for the first time. He turned out to be a wonderful young man.

They were convinced that this attractive, well-behaved kid would soon find a new home thanks to the efforts of the personnel at the Philadelphia Orphanage. March the pit bull, on the other hand, found his time at the shelter to be a living nightmare.

Because he is not used to live with other terrified animals that are waiting to be adopted, he has become restless. This had a psychological impact on him, and his enthusiasm started to fade as a result.

However, the most devastating blow for him was the loss of a family who had originally intended to adopt him but had changed their minds since he was not as playful as they had hoped.

March was upset when his family returned him to the shelter where he had been staying. He sat in a corner, huddled in a corner, gazing at the wall and refusing to contact with anybody else in the institution.

As soon as a local reporter called Dawn Timmeney learned about him, she began to spread the word about him through social media. These photographs drew people’s attention and permanently altered the course of a depressed young boy’s life!

Within three days following Don’s March rescue attempt, a rescue plan was posted on social media, and she was later identified as a victim. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to finally be free.

March will be cared for by a new relief organization until he is reunited with his everlasting family, which will take place after his sin. The narrative concludes on a positive note: millions of shelter dogs were killed because they were unable to adjust to their new environment or find a home in time.

Let us all do our bit to help these sad folks by speaking up on their behalf! Keep reading to find out how March’s snapshot rescued him when he was too depressed to face the world!

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By Elen

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