Angelina Jolie, the well-known Hollywood actress, became a foster mother for the first time in 2001. After that, she was married to Billy Bob Thornton, with whom she had two sons. When she arrived in Cambodia, the actress was already actively involved in charitable activity, thanks to the hand of fate. Rat Vibol, a 7-month-old boy, was among the children she encountered. ‘He was the first infant I lifted up and pressed against me,’ Jolie recalled of him.

There was no longer any doubt; the youngster would have to accompany her on her journey. Jolie’s spouse, Billy Bob Thornton, raised him as if he were his own child, but after the pair separated, Jolie became his sole guardian. Maddox Jolie Pitt is the son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who became father to the baby shortly after the actress’s marriage to Brad Pitt.

Despite the fact that Jolie herself is a loving and compassionate mother who never forbid anything from her children, the fact remains that they all grew up in love, which is arguably the most significant aspect.

With 19 years behind him, Maddox is an accomplished musician who speaks three languages and has developed his own personal style and taste. He has a strong interest in cinema and spends a lot of time with his mother while at work. Even during the divorce proceedings between Jolie and Pitt, Maddox stood by his mother’s side. The actress is extremely fond of and trusts her kid, and the two are great friends.

The individual received his education at the Yonsei University of Korea, where he studied engineering. According to rumors, the actress already has a will, and she has left the majority of her possessions to her favorite dog, Maddox.

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