The Maltbie Bunch uploads footage of their family gatherings on the internet for everyone to enjoy. This company has a whopping 48k subscribers, which is rather astounding. Their movies include everything from family events to excursions, games, and even anecdotes about mom’s pregnancy.

This specific one commemorates the occasion of her giving birth to Harper Rose. It is their son, Brayden, who is seen in the film, who is ready to meet his newborn sister for the very first time. And he was rather enthusiastic about it as well!

He’s bringing flowers and a balloon with him!
As soon as Dad summons Brayden, who has been waiting in a separate room, the two of them head to the room where mom and baby Harper are sleeping.

Dad inquires,

“Do you want to go meet your new sister?” says the narrator.

Brayden reacts with a, to which I reply with an

“Of course, I can’t wait!”

He’s a nice young man.
As they get closer to the room, the sound of a wailing baby fills the air, and dad informs him that what he is hearing is the sound of his baby sister sobbing in the next room. Dad and Brayden make their way inside the room. Harper’s sobs are quickly silenced as Brayden meets her for the first time. Perhaps she was aware that her older brother was present?

Brayden is unable to stop himself.
The small boy begins to cry, and he isn’t even trying to hide his emotions. He’s still got a grin on his face, which is a sight to see. Brayden is completely absorbed in the present moment. This is one of the wonders of life.

Mom is now in tears!
It has the potential to spread. Fortunately, the overpowering sensation of love spreads, particularly among family members. Their newest addition has just been brought into the family, and everyone is overjoyed. Let it all hang out, fellas!

Dad, you’re included as well!
Brayden gets closer to his little sister to have a better look at her. In addition to Dad, Mom reaches out to embrace and kiss him as well. It’s a wonderful moment, and tiny Harper is simply standing there, completely unaware that she is the catalyst for this beautiful moment.

Babies have a fantastic influence on people.
Brayden may lean in for his first kiss since Mom has extended her arm to allow him to do so. This is a fantastic big brother, in my opinion. And that is exactly what he will be. He’ll always have his sister’s best interests at heart. Brayden, your personal bodyguard!

Take a look at Harper’s adorable tiny feet! So little, but already leaving imprints on the hearts of everyone who see it. Those are also long-lasting impressions. Brayden, consider this your very first tattoo! There’s a lot more where that came from, believe it or not.

I’m crying happy tears!
On that particular day, in room 2405, a big brother wept with happiness. And as a result of his actions, mom and dad did as well. The fact that they are a close-knit family that prioritizes themselves above everyone else makes it a genuinely special time to see. This is exactly how things should be.

Brayden was six years old at the time of this video.
Which would make him eight years old today, while Harper Rose is two. She is now able to speak with and play effectively with her older brother. You may be certain that Brayden is really careful with her. He most likely slips in a few pinches and squeezes here and there, as well as a few kisses here and there. Alternatively, a great deal.

Harper isn’t bothered by this.
To put it another way, as newborns get older, the greater the amount of attention and love that they receive from their parents and siblings. There’s an invisible power at work in every family that keeps them together. People are always delighted when they are treated with physical affection. Consider what it can do for a child or a toddler who has the rest of their lives ahead of him or her.

In his debut appearance, Brayden made a fantastic impression! Check out the video below to see for yourself!
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