Heaven is the name of the dog in this story, and she is just great. When she was rescued by the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter, she was a terrified young girl who needed to be comforted. Heaven is now the world’s most gorgeous Home Depot employee, and we’re happy to be able to share her story with the globe.

Heaven was adopted by Jackie Rackers, who told the Dodo how their excursions to Home Depot transformed Heaven from a fearful pup into a confident young lady.

Her Home Depot excursions began as a means of dealing with her worries, according to Rakers, who spoke to The Dodo. According to the narrator, “she was terrified of new places and noises, so we’d go for five minutes and she’d receive all of the sweets,” she adds. Afterwards, we started to visit the shop for longer and longer periods of time, exposing her to an ever-increasing variety of different goods.”

The fact that Home Depot provides a lot of exciting stuff for canines to explore indicates that Heaven thought these excursions to be a terrific technique for her to practice coming out of her shell.

During a visit to Home Depot, Heaven emerges from her shell.

God gave Heaven her own apron since she was so well-behaved when she went to the Home Department on her visits.

“I keep it in the vehicle so that we’re always prepared,” Rakers said of the kit. I put on [the apron] and she’s off to ‘work’ as soon as she knows we’re getting close to the parking lot.

The woman “walks about like she owns the place,” Rakers said.

Heaven has become a household name thanks to the efforts of Home Depot.

Heaven’s excursions to Home Depot have been met with enthusiasm by the employees at the business. Her picture is prominently displayed in the staff break area, and everyone is familiar with her name and accomplishments.

Heaven also has a role to play in this story.

She makes it a point to meet new people while she’s there, and she always takes the decision to assist those who are in need of assistance.

Heaven takes pleasure in delivering happiness to others.

Someone in need of a good joke, a warm heart, or even just a smile will find their way to Heaven.

“She goes about her business and then insists on meeting with someone,” Rakers said. “She simply sits there and looks at nothing. They regularly express their appreciation for the encouragement. The Home Depot is one of her favorite places to express how much she cares about others, as if she knows who needs to hear how much they’re appreciated on that particular day.”

As a former sad person, Heaven may attempt to make others happy.

It’s almost as though she pays it forward now, says Rakers. “She goes out of her way to help those in need.”

The most rewarding aspect of helping an animal is seeing it go from afraid and lonely to joyful and active. Their joy is a direct outcome of your efforts, which pleases you. Jackie Rakers understands since it happened to her dog Heaven.

“She is the embodiment of meeting someone exactly where they are and loving them completely,” Rakers said. The world’s happiest dog went from afraid and sad to overjoyed.

All love Heaven.

Heaven’s adventures are documented on her own Instagram account. Heaven Is A Dog has 8000 Instagram followers.

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