While many of us are terrified of being even a few feet away from a wild animal, others are willing to go above and beyond just to get a sight of it. Seeing as this homeowner in Tucson, Arizona, is a huge animal fan when an unwelcome bobcat family arrived at his rooftop, he immediately put up a camera to capture some cute video of the uninvited visitors, and he was not let down!

The homeowner has just been in his home for about two years, but he has discovered that several bobcats have converted the rooftop of his home into a playground once again. During his first year, the resident was fortunate enough to see a mother bobcat and her kittens on a couple of times, but it was a rare sighting. Still, he assumed the wild cat gave birth to her brood of kittens on his roof, which he believed to be true. As a result, he decided to install a surveillance camera this year in the event that they return.

Fortunately, one of last year’s puppies has returned with her very own brood, and this guy has never been happier in his life! As a result, he decided to share some of the lovely footage he had managed to film with the rest of the globe. On Reddit, for example, a member by the name of littlebill246 kept his followers up to speed on the wonderful family who had transformed his rooftop into their very own house.

According to the man’s post on Reddit, “this is the second year I’ve owned the property and the second time this has happened.” ‘This bobcat is a lot smaller than last year’s mother, so I can only assume that it is one of last year’s kittens,’ says the researcher.

The guy expressed his delight at the prospect of sharing his home with these gorgeous wild cats, and he promised not to annoy them!

In his letter, the guy said that “the little area beneath the roof is really where she gave birth.” “I’m not interested in doing anything other than putting up a camera.” They are wild creatures and must be handled as such; they will not get used to human contact.”

However, the camera he placed up seemed to have piqued the bobcats’ interest, and when they discovered the ‘new’ object, they just walked in for a quick check before moving on. The incident was captured on camera and it is really wonderful; of course, littlebill246 published it on the internet as well.

Take a look at this video:

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