Introduce yourself to Kermie, a puppy who was found to be suffering from a tumor during a routine veterinarian checkup. According to the veterinarians, just 2 or 3 months were left in the life of the adorable dog.

Eric Ralston was the dog’s owner, and he was a member of the United States Navy. Also, since he longed to see his owner for the final time, the dog was much too powerful and wailed for his owner to arrive.

And the young one patiently awaited his owner’s return after his nine-month deployment in Afghanistan. Eric’s wife was in charge of the dog’s care.

He was a tough competitor, and it took three months before they eventually met. When the findings were delivered, the wife was concerned that he would not be able to wait and might not be alive until Eric returned.

It was nothing short of a miracle, yet he began to feel better after meeting his new owner. He was in such good spirits that he sprang onto the lap of his handler. The return of his appetite was also welcome.

After he turned twelve, he was no longer in need of assistance. It was a sad day for the unfortunate puppy who went away in the company of his cherished family members.

By Elen

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