During the month of April of this year, the lives of one family was transformed. The Clemens were returning back from holiday when a Chevrolet Tahoe driver lost control of her car and crashed into the family’s Chevrolet Suburban, which was approximately a 1/2 south of Sterling City. Unfortunately, Jim Alan Clemens, 31, his wife Karisa Brianne Clemens, 29, and their 2-month-old baby Juliana died in the accident, leaving the rest of the family, including Angela, 8, Zachary, 5, Wyatt, 4, and Nicholas, 2, to struggle for their lives.

Sadly, they all received life-threatening injuries. Despite the fact that she had been in a coma for many days owing to a significant brain injury, Angela was able to awaken. She has returned to school and is now able to read and sing in addition to her previous abilities. No one, however, is confident that her injuries will have a negative impact on her life in the future.

Zachary had a back injury. After multiple operations, he is now able to walk and run again, although with the assistance of a cane.

Wee Wyatt endured many strokes and was left paralyzed on his left side, but he was able to recover and return to his family.

After Angela awoke from her coma, she and Zachary were photographed holding hands, and the picture was so powerful that others said it helped to promote hope.
Teresa Burrell, the children’s great aunt, was the one who shared the picture with the rest of the family. She was also the one who organized fundraisers for orphaned children, who were in desperate need of financial assistance, love, and prayers now more than ever.

“All three children who are having medical treatment at Cook Children’s are now on the same rehabilitation floor, and they were reunited only a few days ago! ” Wyatt is doing really well. He was paralyzed on his left side, but he has recovered mobility as a result of physical therapy. He can walk with the assistance of a spotter, and they are having difficulty persuading him that he should not be running! On Facebook, Burrell said, “He is a fantastic source of help and love for his elder siblings.”

“Zach is having difficulties. He has been having difficulty eating, and they have placed a feeding tube in his stomach to ensure that he is getting appropriate nutrients. Additionally, he is battling an illness, and as a consequence, he has been running a high temperature for the last several days. He is in a tremendous deal of discomfort – both physically and emotionally – and is our primary source of worry at this time.

“Angela’s condition is improving.” With each passing day, she is able to communicate more and more effectively, and she is able to read fluently for short periods of time. She made her first wheelchair trip outdoors to check on the weather yesterday and was relieved to be in the sunlight for the first time. They are still trying to figure out how to manage her discomfort as her legs recover from serious damage.

“As could be anticipated, all three children — particularly Zach and Angela — are experiencing sadness as they come to terms with the deaths of their parents and baby sister.”

By Anna

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