Being able to see a wonderful bond between two distinct kinds of animals is an uncommon and rewarding experience. This story gives as a lovely illustration of what a wonderful relationship can be.

The owner of a Melbourne residence was walking her two dogs when she saw something unusual on the back of her dog Kato. She was somewhat aback when she discovered that the little opossum had rolled about on a dog coat!

Knowing that the young opossum was scared and defenseless, they appeared entirely unconcerned about her presence. They were just being themselves. Sally sent the dogs to a wildlife rescue center, from where the young opossum was transported to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

However, a few days later, Sally’s wife discovered Kato with another young opossum on her back! This particular opossum seemed to be a young male with a violent temperament. Kato has returned with a young opossum, thanks to the assistance of Sally!

Wildlife staff believed the two opossums were orphaned siblings and contacted the appropriate authorities. In the meanwhile, a rehabilitator is taking care of the cubs.

When they have grown to a proper size, they will be released into a natural environment.

They were taken aback when the orphaned opossums put their confidence in Kato and pleaded for his assistance, which was quite rare.

However, an improbable rescue operation has captured the hearts of millions of animal lovers across the world. If you found this article useful, please forward it to your friends and relatives.

By Elen

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