We are constantly curious as to how individuals come to commit a crime. How can we send those who need to go to prison to prison? As a result, the answers are in the hands of the video’s judge.

One of the most unusual judges to ever sit on a panel. Meet Mike Cicconetti, a man with a lengthy history of inflicting unusual forms of punishment on others. He has two alternatives to choose from.

One may choose to spend time in prison, while the other can choose for a more creative kind of punishment. In addition, it is intended to teach children a valuable lesson.

So let’s talk about some of these scenarios. A lady failed to pay a cab fare of $30, and she was given the option of walking 30 miles or spending 30 days in prison, which she clearly decided to do.

In another instance, when two teenagers defaced a local scene, the court ordered them to go around the whole city with a donkey and a banner that said, “Sorry for the Jackass Offense,” as a kind of punishment.

Because of his innovative approach to the law, his directives always go viral when it comes to abusers, but his commands for identity thieves are completely ignored.

This individual believes that each case should be treated as a separate entity. There are certain of them that may need more personal consideration.

Of course, his method of punishment is not brutal, but it is out of the ordinary.

When faced with the task of dealing with specific instances, judges are obliged to devise their own methods of sentencing. Take a look at how Mike, an animal lover, responds with a dog abuser in this scene.

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