After their senior dog mysteriously disappeared, a family in New Zealand was increasingly concerned. They were struck speechless, however, when he arrived home with a heartfelt message tied around his neck.

Louie has been living with Marolyn Diver’s parents on their farm since he was a puppy of a few weeks’ age. It was common for the cute sheepdog to run about the family’s land all day, as he had done when he was a young puppy. Things have changed, though, as Louie has grown older; at the age of twelve, the senior prefers to stay at home rather than go out into the surrounding area to explore.

As a result, when Louie went away for many hours one day, his family was understandably anxious, and with good cause as well. It occurred just after Marolyn returned home after a visit with her parents, who were understandably concerned since they had no clue where Louie had gone. Then, later in the day, everyone was taken aback when they saw the elderly dog walking back into the house with a handwritten message tied to his collar.

“He seemed to be very wary and had slumped,” Marolyn said to THE DODO. “We were afraid that he had been injured by someone.” But after reading the message, I had a sense of total and absolute relief, and my heart began to melt.”

The dog was hailed as a hero in the message. According to the letter, “Louie is the hero of today.” “He directed me to Maddy, who was trapped behind a mound of branches. “Thank you, Rob.”

Rob, who also happens to be a farmer, lives next door to Marolyn’s parents, and Maddy is his canine companion. Consequently, her parents contacted Rob by phone immediately after receiving the message in order to get further information. It turns out that Maddy had gone missing on the same day as Rob, and after exhausting all possibilities, Rob returned home and discovered Louie at his residence. Rob was compelled to follow the dog, who insisted on it. The guy relied on the dog’s intuition, and to his surprise, the dog guided him right to Maddy’s location.

Unfortunately, Maddy became entangled in some bushes, but due to her companion Louie, she is now able to escape and is safe. As Marolyn recalled, “Rob expressed complete confidence in Louie’s ability to complete his mission, with delivering Rob to Maddy being his only objective.” “Once Rob had located her, Louie assisted him in getting her out by tugging at trees and digging into the earth. Rob said that as soon as she was released, both dogs raced to a neighboring pond and jumped in, weary and thirsty.

After being rescued, Louie was so exhausted that he couldn’t even move his head from his bed the next day, much alone eat or drink anything. His deteriorating health caused his parents to become even more anxious. Then, by some miracle, Rob and Maddy decided to pay them a visit the other day, and everything returned to normal.

When Rob arrived the following morning on his bicycle with Maddy in a little basket on the back, Marolyn was overjoyed. “Louie regained his composure and returned to usual.”

By Anna

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