It is not uncommon for police dispatchers to get calls that are out of the ordinary – and sometimes even ludicrous – but this 4-year-old New Zealand child provided the loveliest emergency call in human history. All of this happened after he phoned to politely request that the cops come over and check out his wonderful gadgets.

However, the police agency shown that they can also provide pleasant surprises. In less than an hour after the child phoned, an officer was assigned to pay the youngster a visit and go through his collection of toy vehicles. Officer Constable Kurt from the Southern District Police responded to the scene to determine whether or not the child’s toys are, in fact, as amazing as he claimed.

The officer and the little child even posed for a picture together, which was subsequently posted on Facebook by the New Zealand Police Department. Furthermore, the police decide to make the lovely audio recording of the conversation public because it is “too precious not to share,” according to the officers who made the call.

“This is the police department; where is the disaster?” The wonderful phone call has begun. After that, the 4-year-old can be heard saying: “Hi… Is it a policewoman? I’d want to share something with you… “I’ve prepared a few toys for you.”

“Do you happen to have any toys for me?” According to the dispatcher, “Yep. “Come over here and see them,” the youngster responds.

Afterwards, a guy picks up the phone and informs the dispatcher that it was an error on his part, and that the youngster had obtained the phone while he was dealing with the other child since their mother is unwell.

However, just after the conversation has ended, the dispatcher decides to take them by surprise. It is announced that “there is a 4-year-old there who wants to show cops his toys, so please come over.” An cop steps up and says, “Yeah, I’m one-up, I’ll take care of it,” the officer, subsequently named as Constable Kurt, said.

Officer Kurt afterwards verified that the child had a number of impressive toys. He also let the boy to have a close look at his police vehicle, which he thought was really cool. In the words of the officer, “He did have some amazing stuff.” “”The fortunate boy also had the opportunity to view the police vehicle, and the officer turned on the lights for him as well.”

Here’s the audio call that has gone viral:

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