In July, Nick Elliot became a parent for the first time.

A few days later newborn Macie, together with her mother Hayley, was ready to come back home, where her inquisitive “big brother” was waiting for her — a two-year-old Doberman Pinscher called Tommy.

When a tiny kid entered the home, the couple were concerned about Tommy’s reaction to his being in the house.

However, it turned out that their suspicions were unfounded. The Doberman, who has always been a loyal companion to the owners, was delighted to have a new family member join his pack of dogs.

Nicholas reports that Tommy has always had a positive attitude toward youngsters.

His presence was usually there at family events, and he tolerated the children’s affection and tolerance with remarkable ease.

“He has a natural tendency to be compassionate and loving. “Tommy is the most ideal babysitter,” Nick adds.

Beginning with the very first second, the Doberman was smitten with young Macie. A long time passed while he smelled at her garments and patiently sat next to her, meticulously inspecting the young lady.

Following that, he was usually around, demonstrating that he was prepared to defend the new family member from everyone and everything.

When she sobbed, he murmured, as though he felt sorry for her.

And, more lately, something unexpected took happened.

A security camera set in one of the rooms saw the dog caring for the youngster in a kind and sympathetic manner while the humans are not around to supervise her.

Tommy, in an attempt to comfort a sobbing Macie, brings her his favorite toy, a teddy bear, according to video footage.

He placed it in her pram and waggled his tail as if to say, “Look, he is extremely precious to me; maybe you will like him as well?”

Nick and Hayley were brought to tears by the dog’s actions, according to them.

Their delight at Tommy’s sensitive sentiments for Macie is well-known. They also hope that as their daughter grows older, she and the dog will become great friends.

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