With tears in her eyes, a devoted Bullmastiff called Maru went 125 miles to return home to her owner, who had abandoned her in the first place. When Maru was barely a year old, everything occurred. In order to return her to the kennel where she was born in Novosibirsk, her owner placed her on the Trans-Siberian train. Because the owner was sensitive to Maru, she was unable to care for her anymore.

When Maru managed to escape from the train and attempt to return home, however, things did not go quite as planned for her. It was claimed by witnesses and railway workers alike that Maru opened the cabin door with her paws before fleeing when the train came to a halt at a rural station near Achinsk. They attempted to grab her and bring her back on the train but were unsuccessful. She sprang out of the car like a bullet and dashed into the marshy Siberian wilderness.

While anxiously trying to get home, she hiked through the Siberian wilderness, dodging bears and wolves along the way. Despite the fact that the travel was perilous and she had been injured, she did not give up. The only thing on her mind was going back to her master, and she was determined to do it. Unfortunately, she was unaware that she was no longer allowed in the establishment.

When Alla Morozova, the kennel owner, found out what had occurred, she immediately started a search for Maru’s whereabouts. The good news is that, after almost three days of searching, Maru was discovered in an industrial park near her old owner’s home. She was dehydrated and hungry, and she was fatigued.

“Fortunately,  bears and wolves weren’t interested in eating her. She felt drained and exhausted. Her paws were fractured, and she was unable to walk. The pads on her feet were ripped and scuffed. According to Morozova, who spoke to The Siberian Times, “her muzzle was shattered.”

In the following days, she was transferred to kennels in Novosibirsk, where she was reunited with her mother and father.

In fact, Morozova feels that if Maru had not been injured, she would have been able to return home. Ms. Yamamoto was enraged because Maru’s prior owner had shown little regard for her despite her dire circumstances. They chose not to participate in the search, despite the fact that they were the ones who placed her in danger in the first place, according to authorities.

Finally, we are relieved to learn that Maru is now in good health and is no longer at risk. We have not made a choice on her future as of yet, but we are certain that she will get the loving home that she deserves.

By Anna

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