We are certain that you will not find a cuter video than this one of a nice young kid who gets surprised with a newborn puppy today.

Xander Mellor, a 6-year-old child who loves dogs, has expressed his desire to get one on many occasions. According to his mother, Natalie Ellenburg, he had been collecting every penny he could find for over 18 months in the hopes of one day being able to purchase a dog.

“Whenever I arrived home from work, I’d empty my pockets and hand him all of the change that had accumulated over the day.” Nevertheless, he was completely unaware that he was about to get his puppy so soon after I informed him that we needed to fill one more jar.”

When Xander’s grandparents paid a visit to his home, he was presented with this wonderful gift. Natalie videotaped and posted a romantic moment between the two closest friends when they met for the first time on social media when they met for the first time. Needless to say, the video went viral and was a tearjerker for many people who saw it.

Starting with the small boy’s anticipation of receiving his new dog, the film progresses. When he spots a vehicle outside, he jumps out of his chair and dashes out the door, all while dancing around the house.

He is told to shut his eyes by his grandma as he gets out of the vehicle and walks to the front door. He agrees, and she then instructs him to maintain a solid hand position in order to be able to grasp the puppy. She gently lays the small little puppy in his arms and allows him to open his eyes for the first time.

His delight about the small puppy could not be contained, and he broke into tears as soon as he was put in his arms. The pure and beautiful smile on his face is priceless! He’s overjoyed to finally meet his new pal.

“This is the first puppy we’ve ever head, and we’ve named him Marshmallow, Mello for short.

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By Elen

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