Thunder and heavy rain may be distressing for most animals, particularly stray animals that don’t have a comfortable space in a warm home to take shelter from the elements. They’re stranded in the chilly streets with nothing to do except wait out the torrential rains, which are soaking through their fur coats.

It’s a devastating sight to see firsthand. Fortunately, there are still many decent individuals who are ready to assist these unfortunate creatures and provide them with shelter during rainstorms and thunderstorms.

Heavy rains have flooded the streets of Kolkata, India, during the last several days, causing both people and animals to seek refuge from the storm as a result of the flooding. When a police officer by the name of Constable Tarun Kumar Mandal was directing traffic on a major route on Saturday afternoon, he was unexpectedly joined by several other officers. Immediately, two soaked stray dogs gathered to him and took up residence beneath his umbrella.

Mandal believed it was only right for him to assist the shivering dogs after taking a look at them. He shared his enormous umbrella with them and then returned to his position as traffic director. A bystander grabbed a snapshot of this kind act and shared it on social media, where it quickly went viral and won the hearts of many people across the world.

Everyone was enthralled by the sight of the officer going about his business with his “surprising friends.” The photo was shared on Twitter by the Kolkata Police Department, who dubbed it the “Moment of the Day.” Additionally, after finding a safe haven throughout the storm, the two thankful street canines looked to be content with their situation. And the expressions on their faces convey everything.

India has one of the world’s largest stray populations, with over 100 million people living on the streets. According to Dogs Love, there are around 35-40 million stray dogs in the United States. Although there is still much work to be done to rescue these creatures, the Kolkata police go above and beyond their call of duty to assist animals in distress or just provide them with a safe haven.

Have you been affected by the generosity of this officer? You may always provide a hand to stray animals by contacting your local animal shelter. There are a lot of animals that are in desperate need of your assistance and support. Please share this message with your friends in order to assist even more animals in need.

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