A kitten had wandered into a yard and was rescued by the kind strangers. Suddenly, he morphed into the cutest lap kitten ever! About a month ago, a little orange tabby emerged in a resident’s backyard and proceeded to cry on their doorstep before disappearing. When he looked up, his eyes were crusted shut and he was struggling for breath.

Because the kitten was in such horrible shape, it needed rapid medical attention. When the homeowner was unable to trap the tabby, she sought assistance from her local rescue organization.

When the call came through, Ella, a volunteer, sprung into action and was successful in saving the cat. Another volunteer, Josie, assisted her by covering the tiny guy in a towel and organizing a rescue for the small man.

Because of his difficult beginning, the kitten was sent to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, where he was evaluated by a veterinarian. He may finally be on the mend after being placed with a foster home.

A name for the cat had been given to him by his mother: Mabrouk.” The baby was only 10 weeks old at the time, and he was in critical condition. As Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal said in an interview, “he was given drugs because he was experiencing respiratory difficulties.”

“I think he recognized he needed help and went to the backyard on that particular day”. Upon meeting his foster family, Mabrouk quickly felt at ease, and all he wanted was to be loved. In order to ensure that he was always accompanied, he would seek out a warm lap or a hug near to his companions.

In spite of the fact that he was recovering from a nasty kitten cold, he was never afraid to call out for attention when needed. When he was being treated, the sweet tabby would roll over onto his back to get belly rubs.
Throughout his life, Mabrouk developed into a gregarious cat with a strong sense of humor. The idea of being alone had never occurred to him.

Once his legs had regained their strength, he was up and ready to play as quickly as possible. This tiny bundle of joy followed his owners about like a shadow, interested as to what they were up to in their daily lives..
He’s evolved into a personal assistant and laps warmer for his foster mother.

“This small teddy bear is attracted by everything and has evolved tremendously since his arrival,” Celine said in an interview. To make things even better, Celine introduced him to another orange tabby, Rubbix, who is also a foster cat. So far, the two cats are getting along well. The two boys started wrestling and chasing one another as if they had always been brothers.

It just took a day for the tabbies to change into a potent duo, and they accomplished everything as a group. It wasn’t long before they were using the internet to keep tabs on their loved ones and falling asleep curled together on their laps.

Mabrouk is doing really well in foster care, where he has a kitty buddy with which to play and enjoys lots of cuddle time.

The kittens enjoy feline entertainment from the comfort of their snug basket by the window. Rubbix is a welcome addition to Mabrouk’s traveling companionship. The former stray cat has been transformed into a beautiful tabby cat thanks to the efforts of various volunteers.

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By Anna

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