Let’s┬áhave a look at the chunkiest cat you’ve ever seen. I mean, you have probably┬áseen obese cats before, but this is taking chunky to an all-new level.

If I didn’t even know it was a cat, I would have assumed it was a human dressed in a cat costume. Because, not only is he overweight, but he is also delightfully large in stature. And huge cats are something we adore. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that the Internet is smitten with this chubby youngster. You can see how many people adore this guy by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. And don’t worry, he’s found a permanent home now.

The chunk was featured in a few images posted by the animal sanctuary.
The internet went wild over the cute little child as soon as the photographs were put online.

It is unclear how he became so fat, but many were ready to file for his adoption paperwork after hearing about him. The adoption website crashed because he was in high demand, according to reports. Certainly, Mr. B could not have predicted what was going to take place. Although he has a new home, I am relieved that he now has the freedom to consume whatever amounts of food he desires. The newcomers will have to lift, though, since it will be difficult to move this sluggish fellow.

Because of his weight, the kitten sometimes is becoming tired to move…

Fortunately, this sweet cat now has its forever home and caring parents…

By Anna

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