A nine-year-old tabby cat named Elliot has been at the shelter for three months and is seeking for a forever home. Because of his constant sneezing, the rescue crew at Elliot’s Cats Protection Center in East Sussex, England, is becoming more anxious.

He was a stray before he came to the facility, and a Good Samaritan found him and took him in to provide him with a loving home. Unfortunately, his new owners realized that they were allergic to him, and they were forced to give him to the local animal shelter as a result.

Elliot, a tabby cat, suffers from chronic rhinitis, which has resulted in him experiencing some minor health complications in the past. He has a runny nose and is congested, which causes him to sneeze often.

The doctor observed that “Elliott is plainly snuffly,” and that “his condition implies that the bones in his nose have been injured.” This does not seem to bother him, though, for he is a lovely and loving fellow.

In addition to being a friendly cat, he also likes being cuddled. He enjoys spending the whole day on your lap and is particularly fond of youngsters. Unlike the other cats in the shelter, he does not consider himself to be any different from them. As a consequence, he is anxiously awaiting the chance to fulfill his potential as an ideal companion.

Although Elliot suffers from frequent sneeze fits, the center has not given up hope of finding him a loving home with someone who will be able to ignore his sneezing fits and provide him with the nurturing environment he need.

By Elen

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