One of the most unexpected surprises comes to a stray dog that has spent many years surviving on the streets of Los Angeles. Just when he was about to give up, the deaf dog comes upon a loving family and the warm home he’d been looking for all his life. This is an uplifting story that demonstrates that even the most tragic of stories can have a happy ending!

It has been his whole life that the poor innocent dog, now known as Solovino (which translates as ‘he arrived alone’ in Spanish), has wandered the streets of Los Angeles. As a result, he endured the most difficult existence a dog could possibly have, but he never gave up, and he has persevered until this day! After being sick, fatigued, and continuously hungry, the hapless creature decided he’d had enough and sought refuge on someone’s front porch, where he lay down and prepared to give up. But little did he realize that this was just the beginning of a whole new chapter in his life!

When a lady observed an elderly dog napping on her porch, she felt sorrow for him and began to provide him with food. Solovino, or Solo, was the name she gave him. However, when she noticed the dog had made himself at home on her porch, she believed he could be a stray, and she sought assistance from the Rocket Dog Rescue organization. The dog was brought to a shelter in San Francisco not long after that. Solo was placed for adoption at the shelter following a visit to the veterinarian, but it seems that no one was interested in adopting him. As a result, he spent more than a year and a half moving from one foster home to another. But that was the case until Carol Messina happened to come upon a snapshot of him online by chance.

I fell in love with him as soon as I saw his face on their website, Messina said to the Dodo in a recent interview. “Well, his name is Solo, so that was my first idea.” His adopted father had been referring to him as such, it turned out. Immediately, I realized that it was destiny. Then, when I met him and saw how depressed he was, I knew he was destined to be with me for the rest of my life.”

Solo was confused and embarrassed despite the fact that he was overjoyed at the prospect of finding a lifelong home. Given the difficult upbringing he had, this was an understandable reaction. Messina, on the other hand, was willing to give him as much time as he needed to feel at ease.

In the words of the generous lady who welcomed him into her home, “When he initially came to live with me, he kept his tail between his legs for months.” His reaction to dogs, humans, and cats was non-reactive, and he trembled if someone attempted to touch him.

Despite this, the senior dog was still having difficulty adjusting to his new surroundings. It was at this point that his mother learned that he was, sadly, entirely deaf, as well as having some major dental issues. But it didn’t stop Messina from loving him and comforting him in the most compassionate manner she knew how. She was determined to assist him in any way she could, and she was ultimately successful. And now they are the cutest couple on the planet.

“The folks who live in the neighborhood are often remarking on how he doesn’t even seem to be the same dog anymore,” Messina said. “He didn’t grin or even open his mouth to drink for months, and now he smiles and tumbles about and will run full-tilt across the yard a hundred times a day, but this is the greatest thing I have ever done with my life, and he has motivated me to adopt additional older dogs that require healthcare.”

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