Everybody is infatuated with cats, therefore it should come as no surprise that cats are the most popular pets in the world, outnumbering dogs by a factor of up to three to one. The internet, on the other hand, has elevated cat addiction to a whole new level. Not only people, but even cats, have the potential to become celebrities. They are well-known around the globe, and they have a devoted following of thousands of fans from all over the world. This is true for all cats, even the adorable one shown in this piece.

Welcome, Manggo, the fat cat that has won over the hearts of the internet with her amusing facial expressions. She is a member of a Japanese trio (which also includes Manggo, Boss, and Coco), and she presently has 307k followers on Instagram. Despite the fact that the account also contains Manggo’s pals and family members Boss and Coco, Manggo is unquestionably the star of the show.

Many people are concerned about Manggo’s weight, and we are delighted to learn that they are taking steps to address the problem. Cats that gain an excessive amount of weight are susceptible to a variety of really unpleasant and painful ailments.

Manggo, according to her Instagram feed, is a “dieter,” also known as a “diet cat.” The progress of the cat’s weight reduction is also documented on the social media website, with the most current updates stating that the creature has dropped from 6.7kg to 6.5kg. In her (and her owner’s) endeavors, we wish Manggo the best of luck!

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