They’d had a terrible life before coming to the shelter. And all they have ahead of them is uncertainty. Therefore, they experience heightened levels of anxiety as a result of the fact that they do not have permanent, loving owners, and that their living quarters are far from perfect.

In order for the shelter to locate its owners, their owners turned over these two companions to the facility.
They believed that they would be able to remain connected to one home, despite the fact that it is very difficult to do so in the current environment.
And then there came a time when they had to part ways. Although one of their pups was adopted, the other stayed in the shelter due to the lack of suitable homes. As a result, they were both depressed in their own lives.

The dog was unable to survive for many days at the new owner’s home because he was continually sobbing. He was taken back to the shelter. Fortunately, the split was just temporary. Soon after, the shelter was able to locate a guy who was willing to take them both in.

Rocky and Schwabbo are two of the most faithful of buddies. They were raised as a family from an early age. Unfortunately, their owner was forced to abandon his house and surrendered them to a shelter, telling them that they would be unable to survive without one another.

When Rocky was taken away, Schwabbo literally couldn’t find a safe haven to hide from his feelings of bereavement. He was a year or two older than Schwabbo, and he treated him as though he were his younger brother. As a result, their reunion was very emotional.

Following a post on a social networking site in which their tale was revealed, which captured the hearts of millions of Network users, it was discovered that the owner could be tracked down very easily. Luckily, both dogs are currently in the care of the same owner, and they are delighted together.

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