It is often necessary to have a dog to remind us that we should be more sensitive and loving with one another. “The Lion King” is an emotional film, and a brief video of a rescued puppy feeling sad while watching it makes me think, “Do we deserve dogs?”

Despite having a tragic backstory, the eight-month-old Luna still has the ability to transmit love and devotion not just to her family, but to everyone she comes into contact with. Luna was only a few weeks old when Josh Myers and Hannah Huddleston, from Chattanooga, Tennessee, first saw her. They were ecstatic to meet her. Having been rescued from the streets by her expectant mother, she became one of the Humane Educational Society shelter’s youngest inmates after being placed with her. The pregnant dog finally gave birth to a litter of twelve pups.

Hannah and Josh didn’t have a specific puppy in mind when they arrived to the shelter for the first time, but the instant they saw Luna, everything became crystal obvious. Hannah couldn’t take her eyes off the adorable tiny creature that was cuddled into her arms. As a result of that encounter, the small pit bull became a member of the family.

Even though the pair was aware of Luna’s endearing attitude, her newest outburst brought them to tears. Hannah and Josh were watching “The Lion King” together one evening, while Luna was occupied with her stuffed animals of choice. However, as one of the most heartbreaking sequences in the film began, the sensitive pit bull broke down and sobbed uncontrollably.

Watch the video below:

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