Upon arriving at a carpool pick-up location in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, a shepherd mix dog was noticed on the edge of a neighboring wooded area, prompting some to intervene. The dog was abandoned and kept in a cage all by himself, with no sign of his owner’s insight, which was heartbreaking.

In response to their call, police officers arrived on the spot and took over the investigation. After arriving at the location, they were taken aback when they saw the bewildered dog, who was merely waiting for someone to come and get her out of the cage. It was the police’s responsibility to remove the dog from her cage and to make sure that she was healthy.

As soon as she saw the rescuers, she didn’t seem to be afraid of them. The fact that she was free made her overjoyed and thankful, and she expressed her gratitude to them with a wide grin and charming puppy leaps. After all, she has gone through, she remains kind and all she wants is for someone to love her and cherish her.

The officers transported the dog to a nearby animal shelter, where staff members discovered that she was not microchipped. Everybody is baffled as to why the owner would leave such a nice and affectionate canine.

According to a Facebook post by the Nieuwegein police department about the rescue, “we have received several tips on which we are working.”

Following the publication of the post on Facebook, a large number of individuals have shown an interest in adopting the happy dog and providing him with the finest forever home possible. People have also voiced their displeasure with her owner, but the police have been quick to advise them to be calm, stating that the most important thing is that the dog is now safe.

In a written statement, the police said that they “understand an emotional reaction to this message and we also oppose the owner’s behavior, which is why we would want to locate them.”

Sincere thanks go out to the folks who tracked her out and the cops who liberated her. Anyone with information on who may have abandoned this dog is encouraged to contact the police department in Nieuwegein.

By Anna

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