There are just a couple of items that dogs dislike, but going to the vet and getting a wash are undoubtedly near the top of the list of things they dislike. Nonetheless, this cute Husky seems to be a little different, and although most of his type make a lot of noise in order to avoid receiving a bath, he appears to be willing to go to any length to avoid it!

Apparently his mother does not allow him to sleep in the bathtub, therefore Zeus is grumbling about the choice in a hilarious manner. Zeus is a Siberian Husky who lives with his mother in a small town in Alaska. Fortunately, his mother recorded the whole incident on video, and it is nothing short of amazing!

The brief film shows Zeus, who seems to be in no mood for anything other than a warm bath, resting in his bath tube. His mother, on the other hand, wants to take him for a stroll, but the dog is not enthusiastic about the prospect. Thus, he begins to wail in an attempt to persuade his mother to turn on the water supply valve. As long as the lady persists on taking that stroll, Zeus can only resort to throwing a funny tantrum!

“I’m not going to turn on the water,” she says. “Come on, let’s do this.” Come on, you can’t be serious. “Let’s go for a stroll together!”

Despite the fact that Zeus’ suffering seems to be genuine, the situation is completely absurd and demonstrates why dogs and children are so similar. Zeus’s humorous tantrum became popular on the internet as a result of his unique manner of expressing himself. Over 27 million people viewed his amusing outburst.

“This is why people say huskies are stubborn,” wrote Zeus’ mother, Lindsay Fleishman, in a video posted on YouTube. The water in the bathtub is something Zeus enjoys doing, therefore he asked for it to be turned on. But it was time for him to take a walk, and he was simply being difficult since he wanted to go swimming in the lake instead.”

You can watch the comical scene below!

By Elen

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