Dogs have been known to sing in the shower, but have you ever seen a human doing the same? And if you haven’t already, this is your opportunity. The amusing video below shows a Husky with a lot of personality putting on an unplanned performance for the groomers who were in charge of giving him a wash, and the result is just charming!

Even though the two ladies in the video are experienced professional groomers, they were taken completely by surprise by the dog’s response to the water in which he was bathing. As a result, they decided they had to capture this dog’s incredible singing ability on video.

There are many amusing ways for dogs to express themselves, and singing is perhaps one of the most entertaining of them. Moreover, in case any of you were worried about the dog’s well-being, be assured that he wasn’t in any distress. The only thing he was excited about was meeting new people and having his fur cleaned by someone other than his owners. In fact, according to the description of the video, the Husky seemed to like bathing in warm water.

Dogs are very fantastic! Check out the video below to see how much this dog enjoys his bathing experience!

By Elen

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