When it comes to providing compassionate care to people in need, nothing compares to the sweet nature of a dog. Apparently, these adorable animals were created with the intent of bringing consolation to others. A caring dog recently nursed a critically wounded deer back to health after sitting next to her and consoling her until aid came.

After Nashville-based singer Pat Pollifrone posted the tale online, it quickly went viral and captured the hearts of millions of people across the world. It was his much-loved dog, Zoey, who was responsible for melting the hearts of everybody who encountered him. Apparently, an unwell deer became disoriented on Pat’s farm in Cheatham County, Tennessee, and his family rushed to the scene to assist the helpless critter.

In an Instagram post, the artist said, “I found this little sweetie yesterday in the yard and brought her back into the woods.” “When I got out of bed this morning, she was lying on the driveway.” So it seems that we now have a deer.”

The fact that she kept returning led Pat to believe that the wild animal was in distress and was searching for safety in the area. And so it was, for the precious little creature was not only starving but also suffering from a bad eye infection at the time. As a result, he resolved to assist her. He also posted a video of his visitor – called Bambi – who soon became friends with Zoey, his feline companion, on a consistent basis.

Pat shared her thoughts on Instagram, writing: “Just assisting the creature in getting back on her feet.” This morning, she drank goat milk and walked about the yard, and the inflammation in her eye seemed to be getting better after we removed several ticks.” However, the picture of the compassionate Zoey snuggling with his new companion was the most endearing of all of his posts. “Words fail me when it comes to describing how adorable this is,” Pat said with the adorable photo.

The artist also said that he approached other animal rescue organizations for assistance, but that he was denied down for a variety of reasons. Pat, on the other hand, is committed to care for the deer for as long as it takes. “As a result, we will continue to provide care for the infant until Mama returns,” he added. “What a difference! She is doing SO much better!” Taking goat’s milk has helped to clean up her eye problem, and the ticks have left her alone.”

Watch the video below:

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