Although no one wanted to adopt Blue, Meadow, and Little Willow since they are blind cats, their lives were forever changed when a single lady took them all in and adopted them as a family. The kittens were found in a disused storeroom at the Dubai International Financial Centre. A disease that had gone untreated at the time had already caused them to lose their vision.

As a result of this, Blue was adopted by the neighbor of his former owner, but the poor cat was distraught; he couldn’t bear the thought of being separated from his sisters and spent his nights meowing and searching for them.

Blue stayed with them in the foster home until Catherine Magno took them in as her children.

Catherine made the following statement to Bored Panda:

The fact that I had just acquired my first kitten two months before meant that I had no prior experience. Nonetheless, his narrative impacted me to such a depth that I couldn’t stand to think of them spending the rest of their lives in a cage in a veterinary facility, or worse.”

Catherine was worried about the special needs of her animals.

She made the following statement:

“I figured it wouldn’t be tough, but I underestimated the amount of adjustment I would have to make.”

“Catherine expressed herself as follows: ”

“When I carried them home that afternoon, I had to keep them locked up in my apartment until the next morning.”

She went on to state the following:

“However, it didn’t seem to be much different. The only thing I had to do was leave everything alone; they’re very adaptable.”

Catherine went on to state the following:

With the right presentation, they feel comfortable among other cats that are similar to the ones they observe.” Blind dogs can see via their hearts.”

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