A homeless kitten was spotted wailing on the pavement when she was discovered. When two ladies passing by at the time took note of her, they went in search of her mother but were unable to locate any sign of her existence.

As the ladies were contemplating what to do with the young child, a lady named Sharra Platt passed by. Upon learning of what had occurred, she immediately offered to take care of the unfortunate animal. Her approach reveals her to be a terrified and homeless cat, which she immediately recognizes.

While driving home from work, Sharra happened to spot two nervous ladies and didn’t hesitate to stop and offer assistance. After seeing the events, she immediately thought of Paws For Life K9 Rescue, and her first reaction when she learned what had occurred was to give her over to the organization.

Sharra pondered removing her from the family the next day, after having brought her home with her. ‘Crenshaw,’ she named the place after the street where she was found by the authorities. It was with trepidation that she presented her to her dogs, who showed a great deal of interest in the little kitten; the lady was certain that they would get along perfectly.

Despite the fact that Crenshaw was brought to the hospital and that the little girl was well when the family came home, they tried to approach her with the two dogs.

Sharra made the following statement:

“I had a feeling the dogs would like having her around.”

Both of the canines in the house were saved, an 8-year-old pit bull named Roxy and an adorable Pomer named Kasey; both were drawn to Crenshaw’s existence, particularly Roxy, who played the role of mother and took in the cat in an effort to keep her safe from danger.

This outpouring of devotion was just what the small cat needed, and she never again parted ways with Roxy after that moment.

Sharra made the following statement:

The fact that Crenshaw adores crawling on Roxy and resting with her leads me to conclude that Roxy is her favorite.

Although she enjoyed spending time with Kasey and the Lucky family cat, she found that being near to Roxy and sleeping next to her was the most comfortable place for her to rest her head. Without a question, the kitty was ecstatic to have found such a wonderful family to call his own.

Sharra went on to state the following:

“Roxy has completely embraced the role of mother with her babies, and she does everything a mother dog would do with her puppies: regulate them, clean them, give them plenty of licks, and cuddle up to them.”

Despite her maturation, Crenshaw maintains a strong bond with Roxy; she has developed a special bond with her gorgeous and loving guardian, and she enjoys playing and spending time with her family. She will no longer be alone in this world.

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