Undoubtedly dogs are┬áthe most faithful animals on the face of the planet. And a picture that just went viral on the internet shows a service dog that refuses to leave her mother’s hospital bedside, demonstrating once again her undying love and commitment.

However, this unique bond began when Shauna Darcy determined that a dog would be beneficial to her in her never-ending battle with anxiety. And she wasn’t entirely off in her assessment. Because with Ruby, it was love at first sight for everyone. And the adorable doggie has shown to be much more than just a service animal. When Shauna acquired Ruby, she did so without recognizing that she had gained a new companion. It’s a real one!

According to Shauna, who spoke with Dodo, “when she was training to be a service dog, I observed that she began picking up on fluctuations in my heart rate and would behave oddly.” “For example, pawing at me, attempting to grab my attention, getting on top of me, and other such activities.”

We can say, that┬áRuby is more of a guardian angel for Shauna than anything else. She is there for her adoptive mother at all times, without fail. Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate are monitored on a regular basis since she suffers from a rare cardiac disorder known as vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which she also has. But she does more than that, she also assists her human partner during panic episodes, by carrying groceries or picking up fallen goods.

In the event that I pass out, she climbs up on top of me and applies all of her weight to me while licking my hands and face until I come to,” the young lady said.

Ruby rescued her mother’s life just a few days ago. There is something wrong, and she begins to notify Shauna. But even though she felt OK at the time, the young lady trusted Ruby and called 911 to get help for her friend. Her heart was in atrial fibrillation, which she discovered during a medical procedure. It was painful and I was barely aware by the time the paramedics arrived.

Shauna is able to take a deep breath once again thanks to her devoted and unique dog. Ruby, on the other hand, is steadfast in her commitment. She was adamant about not leaving her mother’s side when she was in the hospital. Shauna is certain that it was the extraordinary link that she had with Ruby that ultimately saved her life. “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her,” she said.

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