Santiago, Chile, is home to Sally, an endearing kitten. At one point, she was resting on the grass and scarcely moving her paws when the owner picked her up from the park. Sally’s legs were paralyzed, as discovered later by the vets.

In the Chilean capital of Santiago, Sally is an eight-year-old cat that lives with her family. She was once picked up in the park by her owner, Janez, who had found her laying on the grass and scarcely moving.

The girl took the cat to the veterinarian’s office, where the physicians determined that the cat’s hind legs were paralyzed and that she would be unable to walk in the future. But then Janez made the decision to bring the cat with her, no matter what, in order to provide her with a better life.

She was aware that Sally required extra attention, but she was unconcerned about it. Every day, Janez assists the kitten in going to the bathroom and has purchased a customized stroller for her to use when moving around the home.

Aside from her physical characteristics, Sally is a bright and lovely creature. In fact, she comes complete with a mermaid tail, which the owner dons for her photoshoots. As a result of this, she was given the moniker “Mermaid.”

Looking at the cat’s Instagram account, which has already amassed a large number of followers, it is clear that her owner takes excellent care of her and strives to make her every day a little bit happier. Regardless of their characteristics, all animals require affection.

By Elen

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