We’re all aware that dogs can be overprotective, particularly when it comes to children, but this puppy’s approach to protecting his small people was a little over the top. He devised a plan to slip out of the house and follow his small companions to their new school. He was eager to see how they were coping with everything. Only, things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped!

As a puppy, Sandy was adopted by Karen Manthey and her family, and he has worked hard to return their generosity and affection by defending and keeping them safe.

“He constantly wants to be a part of whatever we’re doing,” Karen told The Dodo in an interview. “When the family is divided on camping vacations, he will spend the majority of his time rushing back and forth between each group to ensure that everyone is safe,” says the author.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Sandy gets a little worried every morning before the kids go for school. So many hours away from home, with no one to guide them and care after them except themselves. Sandy must be feeling a lot of things right now. Perhaps this is why he was always on the lookout for ways to slip out of the home and spend time with his closest buddies during their school hours. But, since perseverance is the key to success, Sandy eventually reached his aim one morning while Karen was preoccupied with other matters. Sandy had just made it when Karen arrived at the office. He sneaked up on them while they were walking to school!

However, no one knew what Sandy’s plans were at the time, so in order to make everyone feel at ease, they just placed him in the principal’s office and attempted to contact his mother to have her come after him. Sandy was brought back home by one of the children since only Karen, who hadn’t even realized the dog’s departure, had her phone turned off, and thus Sandy was able to return home.

“The school had attempted to contact me, but my phone had been turned off, so my neighbor, who happened to be at the school, shot the notorious image of him to inquire as to whether he was mine,” Karen said. “I didn’t notice he had gone away until my daughter arrived at the house with Sandy,” I said. They gave her permission to drive him home.”

Both the children and, more importantly, the dog were really pleased with their accomplishment, but their mother was less than pleased, particularly when she was forced to apologize on their behalf!

The next day, when Sandy returned home, he was overjoyed with the events of the day, according to Karen. “They [the children] were all quite enthusiastic about the excursion. So I had to go over there to apologize and pay for the blinds, but by the time I got there, their nice school janitor had already taken care of it.

“They burst out laughing and demanded that I send them the image via email!”

By Elen

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